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Do challenging relationships or unexpected circumstances have you feeling paralyzed or overwhelmed?

Are you worried about your child or teenager?

Is your relationship with your spouse, friend, or colleague under stress that feels insurmountable?

If you are seeing your child or teenager exhibit behavior problems (acting out or acting in-withdrawal, depression, anxiety) or show an inability to grow emotionally, intellectually or socially according to what is expected for their age, psychotherapy is a useful tool to use in the journey towards healing and wellness. While challenges are important and necessary for children and teenagers to face in order to build confidence, grit and a stick with it mentality, having the right tools to use in finding a path through the chaos of life can be hard to come by.

A healthy person, no matter the age, is in a constant state of growth, change, and development. It is when you are repeating the same patterns of negative behavior or feeling stuck in an unhealthy dynamic that outside help is called for.Tapping into your own strengths, intelligence and creativity we will work together to create meaning, finding solutions and purpose in the midst of whatever life throws your way. It is a privilege to be alongside as you embark on this healing journey.

Psychological Services for Parents & Children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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