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• Is your family struggling with sleep?

• Have you hit a snag with helping your child learn to use the toilet?

• Are you concerned about your child’s tantrums, emotional outbursts, or aggression?

• Does your child struggle with fears and anxieties?

• Has your family come together through adoption or foster care?

• Does your child have a history of trauma or difficult experiences?

• Are you feeling overwhelmed with the demands of parenting?

A short series of parenting consultations can help you clarify a stuck place, identify areas where you could use more information, formulate a plan, and try out some new approaches with support and feedback. You may find that meeting for just 2-3 sessions can start to shift a frustrating situation in your family and help you feel confident and hopeful as you tackle key parenting challenges.

When the situation is more complex, you may find it helpful to meet with me for a longer series of individual or family sessions. I am also available to conduct classroom and home observations, attend early intervention team meetings, and work with your child’s teachers or daycare providers to support your child in those environments.

Psychological Services for Parents & Children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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