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Therapy with me will help you understand what you are feeling both on the conscious and unconscious level. With great care, I will help you to look into your past, understanding your childhood experiences, relationship patterns and the emotional footprint it has left on you. You will experience great benefit in your life by becoming self aware and knowing more fully what motivates you.  You also have the option to use creative means of accessing the non-verbal and implicit memories as well as exploring more deeply the feelings you experience through the use of Sand Tray Therapy and Mindfulness techniques.


I come to my work with individuals listening to your story while thinking about the issues in one’s life from a contextual perspective. The contextual orientation assists individuals, couples and families in examining issues of fairness in close relationships, in order to achieve more satisfying living. This perspective takes into consideration that larger system (family of origin, parent-child relationship, school, work, and friendships) at work in a person’s life.  Contextual therapy focuses on fairness and mobilizes areas of trust. This work will lead you to identify and rework areas of mistrust in your past and present relationships. Individuals are encouraged to balance care of self with care of others, while strengthening relationships that are important to them.


My areas of specialty are anxiety, depression, work-life balance, divorce, parenting, traumatic stress and violent experiences, sexual abuse, and ADD/ADHD. I also provide intensive trauma focused therapeutic services for crime victims and family members affected by vicarious trauma.

Psychological Services for Parents & Children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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