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In each family a story is playing itself out, and each family’s story embodies its hope and despair. -Augustus Napier

The family system, whether it is just couple or a whole range of inter-generational folks in the room, is a complicated, diverse, and vibrant force.
Trust, loyalty, and mutual support are the key elements underlying family relationships and it is these elements that hold families together. If stressors persist are unresolved or not addressed, family systems are damaged. This damage can look like constant bickering, feelings of despair, distrust, resentment and anger, or alienation.
In my work with families, I help them to work through avoided emotional conflicts and develop a sense of fairness among family members. Working with multiple generations within families is helpful too; you will find this work to be empowering, healing and reactivating.
This type of family therapy is very effective for Co-Parents who want to work at establishing a baseline of respect and trust in their relationship with one another.  It can also be helpful to engage in this type of therapy if you have been through a divorce and want to co-parent together. There is great work that can be done in talking through the details of your new relationship, as it is now about the kids and your parenting choices and not about your marriage. There are so many underlying issues of mistrust when a break-up occurs.  If these aren’t addressed, the parents can begin to act these out and one of the ways to do this if you’re not conscious, is to use the children as a pawn.
Together we will work with whatever issues you are facing by exploring each other’s points of view, thoughts, experiences and truths.
Family therapy will provide relief from stressed relationships, it will repair broken or weakened bonds between family members and will help disrupt unhealthy patterns that repeat themselves generation after generation.


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